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A Must-See Guide for Krakow Newcomers

Rynek Glowny (the Main Market Square) Krakow’s marvellous Main Square, one of the greatest in Europe, dates back to the 13 century. It boasts the city’s emblematic Cloth Hall – Sukiennice, located right in the middle, the Town Hall Tower and the little church of St. Wojciech. The Main Square is [...]

Jewish Heritage Route - The District of Kazimierz in Krakow

Originally, Kazimierz, that got its name from its founder King Kazimierz Wielki (Kazimierz the Great), was an independent town. At the turn of the 15th century it became the centre of two cultures: Christian and Jewish. Many heritage buildings (especially sacral architecture) that bear testimony to the magnificence of these cultures [...]

Ojcow National Park near Krakow

Ojcow National Park is located in Southern Poland (Malopolskie region), 16 km north of Krakow, on Krakow – Czestochowa Plateau. It embraces valleys of two small rivers, the Pradnik and the Saspowka and neighbouring fragments of Jurassic plateau and is the smallest National Park in Poland.   The Park’s surface is built [...]

The Krakow Royal Route

The Royal Route begins by St Florian’s Church in Matejko’s Square where the Rector with the Senate of the University would welcome the new king. It leads by the Barbican and remaining fragment of city fortifications with the main entrance to the Old City – St Florian’s Gate.   Walking along Florianska Street [...]

Hidden treasures of Zwierzyniec

Zwierzyniec, one of Krakow’s districts, may not be the most touristic part of Krakow, however the area has some hidden gems worth visiting. It features beautiful monasteries, churches, mounds and green areas. Some Krakow’s traditions and legends are connected with Zwierzyniec. The district starts on Kosciuszki St. just behind Debnicki bridge and boasts a [...]

In the Footsteps of John Paul II

Krakow is an only town all over the world which has places connected with almost all life of John Paul II. Walking in the footsteps of the Pope we can better understand phenomenon of this unusual person and his beloved town, called by him “ totius poloniae urbs celeberrima” – “the [...]

Nowa Huta Route

Nowa Huta – a huge industrial complex and steelworks – is a symbol of industrial Poland and resistance to communist rule. According to a project, Nowa Huta was intended to be the first real Socialist town. In order to achieve it, 1000s of workers were brought in from small towns and [...]

Podgorze Historical Route

After the First Partition of Poland (1772), Krakow remained Polish and the Vistula River became the border. Austria immediately recognized the advantage of establishing a city that would be both a partner and competitor for Krakow on the right bank of the river. The small settlement of Podgorze was nominated a [...]

Saint Stanislaus of Krakow Route

The route begins by the Archicathedral of SS Venceslas and Stanislaus (Royal Cathedral) on Wawel Hill. The church was expanded and rebuilt many times, mostly from the 12th to the 14th century. Originally, it was the Romanesque temple, built by the first King of Poland, Boleslaus Chrobry (the Brave). The Cathedral [...]

Tatra Mountains and Zakopane Resort

The Tatra Mountains, covering the area of about 750 square kilometres, are the highest part of the Carpathians. Only one fifth of them belongs to Poland (150 square kilometres). The rest lies in Slovakia, where the highest peak – Gerlach (2654 m) is situated. Of the whole range of the Tatras, [...]

The Krakow Industrial Heritage Route

The Industrial Heritage Route in Krakow is an urban tourist trail – the first of this kind in Poland. The trail features 16 the most valuable objects situated in the very centre of the city and its close vicinity, connected with industry, transportation, power and gas production, protection against the flood [...]

The Krakow University Route

The academic traditions of Krakow go back to the 14th century. In 1364 King Kazimierz Wielki (Casimir the Great) found the Academy of Krakow, from 19th century known as the Jagiellonian University. It is one of the oldest universities in Central Europe; second only to Prague's Charles University. Among its graduates we [...]

Why visit Krakow ?

Cracow for a long time has been under the influence of the fairy-tale like scenery's charm, derived from the time when the kings were dwelling the Wawel Castle (which also these days influences the magic of this previous Polish capital's atmosphere), when menacing dragons were threatening the safety of the town [...]