Ojcow National Park near Krakow

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Ojcow National Park is located in Southern Poland (Malopolskie region), 16 km north of Krakow, on Krakow – Czestochowa Plateau. It embraces valleys of two small rivers, the Pradnik and the Saspowka and neighbouring fragments of Jurassic plateau and is the smallest National Park in Poland.
The Park’s surface is built of Jurassic limestone, formed approximately 150-180 million years ago. Karst waters sculpted in the valleys peculiar landscape forms, steep canyons and various rocks and mogotes. Ojcow has two types of limestone – massy and platy. The former is resistant to wind erosion and forms spectacular mogotes and isolated rocks in valleys of varied shape, such as Maczuga Herkulesa (Hercules’ Club), Igla Deotymy (Deotyma Needle) and many others. The Park has approximately 400 caves and other karst forms such as rising springs, V-shaped valleys, tracts and sinks. The longest caves are Lokietek Cave (320 m), Ciemna Cave (230 m) and Zbojecka Cave (189 m).

Diversified relief and microclimate supported rich and varied vegetation, consisting of approximately 1000 vascular plants with differing habitat requirements and origin, including approx. 50 alpine species and more than 100 termophilous species which are typical for southern Europe. The Park fauna is amazingly abundant; research has so far confirmed existence of approx. 5500 animal species, while general population is estimated at 12000 species. Mammals are represented by badgers, common dormouse, ermines and beavers. Bats, hibernating in local caves, are also among the most interesting mammals.
The oldest traces of human settlements in the area date back to the Old Stone Age, that is have approximately 120 thousand years. Flint was mined and processed in the vicinity of Ojcow during New Stone Age. Among numerous architectural attraction of the Park is a well preserved Renaissance castle in Pieskowa Skala and ruins of a Gothic castle in Ojcow. Both castles functioned as links in a medieval defence system which protected south-western border of Poland. Pieskowa Skala Castle houses a branch of Wawel Museum of Art and a permanent exhibition of Ojcow National Park named after prof. Szafer, visited by approximately 40 thousand guests annually. Other local attractions are Lokietek Cave, Ciemna Cave and ruins of Ojcow Castle. Szafer Museum, established in 1965, collects data on resources and phenomena occurring in the Park, prepares research and popularises information on the Park and the region. Vicinity of Krakow and ample facilities such as the Museum, tourist routes and tourist shelters attract numerous visitors to the Park.

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(Jerzmanowice, beyond borders of Ojcow National Park)

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