Krakow International Airport to Expand

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The Krakow-Balice International Airport (MPL) is set to be enlarged, the terms of which will be negotiated between three parties: the Malopolskie Regional Government, the city of Krakow, and the local district council of Zabierzow.

Karina Wistuk, of the Malopolskie Regional Government Press Office, that his agreement was arranged by Marek Nawary, the Marshal of Malopolskie, the mayor of Krakow, Jacek Majchrowski, and the head of the district council, Elzbieta Burtan. Each of the three parties were previously unable to reach an agreement regarding the acquisition of 33 hectares of land from the Mienia Army Agency. However, they have now decided that that is the best parcel of land on which to expand the airport.

Their agreement states that each of the three authorities will acquire an equal amount of money from the National Treasury, and it is to be used only for buying this parcel of land.

The current dominating entity in the MPL negotiations has been LOT Polish Airlines has an 85 percent share in the company. The Malopolskie Regional Government has almost 14% of shares, the city of Krakow has about 1 percent, and the local district council of Zabierzow holds less than one percent of shares.

The additional 33 hectares of land for the airport is essential in order to realize the planned investments in building another terminal. This new terminal would service an additional 9 million passengers per year.

The Krakow-Balice International Airport is the second largest airport in Poland after Okecie in Warsaw, serving 3 million travellers in 2007. The Krakow airport currently offers 52 connections to 41 cities and is a port for 23 airlines, 12 traditional airlines and 11 low-cost carriers.

(Source: PAP)

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