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Tesco KrakowType: Shop
Location: Outer city center
Specialization: Shopping centre

Address: Kapelanka 54
Tel: +4812 2552500


The total retail and entertainment area is 12.000 sqm net. There is also a multi-story garage for over 1,200 cars.
It is a perfect place to spend time shopping, entertainment, meeting in cafes and restaurants.

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Latest Review
Reviewed by Emilia from Luxembourg on 2012-04-07  
My family and were in Krakow last week! Great and fantastic city. People for us, everywhere we went very friendly and helpful. I always tell my children, how we treat people that is how we will be treated. Our experience was great, amazing to see how Polish people are well educated with languages. No problem at all with communication.
Reviewed by susa from england on 2011-01-23  
does this tesco sell quorn products
Reviewed by Hans P Barthel from Krakow, Poland on 2010-10-09  
@BOAB: They just wanted to help you, because if your purchase is more than a certain amount, you will be given a promotional price-off at their gas station, if you show the stamped receipt. Not friendly..not helpful? Well, how many of shop people in YOUR country speak a foreign language? French? Italian? Polish? German? and can easily explain, that it was supposed for your own good.
Reviewed by BOAB from SCOTLAND on 2009-02-08  
stayed in krakow last week and visited the tesco there, first impressions were wow what a place. de4cide3d to purchase some vodka whilst there, found it strange that you had to pay for your drink at a separate till in the store, however did this and went to walk out the store whereby i was ranted at by a po faced checkout person and mqanqaged to get the jist that i had to leave by the main entrance , ok no probs or so i thought until i was accosted by some throw back to the good old bad days who grabbed the bag took out the receipt and stamped it shoved it back into my hand and grunted something at me . therefore in my experience the staff are not friendly or helpful
Reviewed by joanne hammond from scotland on 2007-09-21  
I came over last year and must say its a fantastic place. people so friendly and helpful. I had my hair done in the hairdressers and was so pleased. Coming again next week to Krakow and really looking forward to it!!! Many thanks. PS. Are you open on Sundays? Best wishes Joanne Hammond
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