Parking Zones in Krakow

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parking krakow cracowIn Krakow’s city centre there are three zones of restricted traffic and parking, where you have to pay a parking fee.

In the centre of Kraków there are 3 limited traffic and parking zones. Parking in these zones requires the payment of a fee.  Paid parking zone in Kraków is valid on working days from Monday to Friday, from 10 AM to 6 PM.  Parking fee for 1h – 3 PLN.

The limited traffic and parking zone covers the area marked out with Krasinskiego, Mickiewicza and Slowackiego Avenues to the junction with Warszawska Street (Avenues excluded), the railway line from the junction of 29 listopada Avenue and Warszawska Street to the viaduct over Dietla Street (without this street) and the Vistula River.

Zone A
The zone covers the Main Market Square and the following streets: Szewska, Slawkowska, Florianska, section of Sienna (from the Little Market to the Main Market Square), section of Grodzka (from the Main Market Square to Poselska Street), Kanonicza, Senacka, and section of Pijarska Street (from Szpitalna Street to Florianska Street). In this zone car entrance is prohibited, and the zone is assigned only for pedestrian and bicycle traffic.

Zone B
The zone covers a dozen or so streets in the vicinity of Planty Park and sections of Dluga, Basztowa and Karmelicka Streets. In the zone pedestrians have the absolute right of way, and the maximum vehicle speed should be 20 km/h. Parking is permitted only in specially marked places.

Zone C
The zone covers several dozens streets around Planty Park, mainly within the strip from the centre to the Three Bards Avenue. In this zone time limitation for car parking is liquidated. A fee paid with the use of parking meters, mobile phones or KKM cards is obligatory. This does not refer to vehicles with subscription.

Car parks in the city centre:

ul. Kopernika (by Hotel Wyspianski), phone +48 12 422 95 66 ext. 554, guarded
ul. Zyblikiewicza, guarded
ul. Kaluzy 1 (by Cracovia stadium), phone +48 607 222 042
ul. Powisle (near Wawel), phone +48 607 222 044, guarded
ul. Lubicz 25, phone +48 501 248 960 (at MUSI)
ul. Królewska 55, phone +48 12 636 26 52
pl. Biskupi, phone +48 607 222 043
ul. Królewska 55, phone +48 12 636 26 52
pl. Na Groblach 2, phone +48 12 422 17 45
underground car park under pl. Na Groblach, phone +48 12 292 26 41
ul. Starowislna 13/15 (by Palac Pugetów), phone +48 12 429 43 91, guarded
Galeria Krakowska, phone +48 12 428 99 00
Galeria Kazimierz, phone +48 12 433 03 03 (office), also coaches parking available here
ul. Dolnych Mlynów 10, guarded
ul. Halicka 14 (Kazimierz), guarded (for cars, coaches, buses)

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