Amenities for disabled tourists in Krakow

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In August 2007 Krakow joined the nationwide scheme “Poland without barriers”, whose aim is to improve the access to buildings and public areas for the disabled. We hope that Krakow’s all tourist attractions will soon become fully accessible for tourists with disabilities.

The accessibility to the cultural places in the Old Town

Amenities for disabled tourists in KrakowThe Main Square

The Main Square, covered with flag-stones, is easily accessible for the tourists with disabilities, however most shops and restaurants within the Old Town have at least one step. In the summer, there are plenty of barrierless café-gardens. The streets radiating from the Main Square have narrow pavements, usually with high kerbs. Most museums within the Old Town have no amenities for the disabled. A toilet for the disabled is located at 25 Main Square.

The Wawel Castle

Due to numerous stairs and location on several floors, the Wawel Castle is not fully accessible for disabled tourists. However, off the summer season, from October to March, the disabled can visit the upper floors with the help of the staff. The visit must be arranged with the Tourist Office in advance. Phone: +48 12 4225155.


The asphalt alleys of the Planty gardens are easy to cover for the disabled. The only obstacle are the kerbs of the streets crossing Planty.

The Old Jewish District - Kazimierz

Kazimierz does not have many amenities for the disabled. Kerbs are usually high and there is no barrierless access to most synagogues. Some streets are cobblestoned.

Information Centre for Disabled Tourists

The information centre is located at Krolewska 94, at Galeria Stanczyk. Opening Hours: Tues-Fri: 12-5.30pm. You can get information in English on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Phone: +48 (12) 636-85-84.


The disabled who hold a disabled person’s Parking Card (valid in all the EU countries), can park the car in a disabled parking space at public car parking areas. For a longer period of time, they can get a special season ticket (costs 2.5 PLN per month) in the Parking Card Office at Retoryka 1. Phone: +48 (12) 421-74-26, 421-74-29.

The toilets for the disabled are at the following locations:

  • Smocza
  • Powisle
  • Pradnicka
  • Plac Getta
  • Rynek Podgórski

Hotels with amenities for the disabled

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