The Krakow Energy Balance

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A new political bloc was formed at the summit in Krakow of leaders of Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Lithuania and Poland, which is to counterweigh the energy alliance formed in Ashgabat between Russia, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan. The Western bloc will meet again in Vilnius in the autumn, where they will discuss not only an Odessa-Gdansk pipeline, the construction of which they agreed to in Krakow, but the full range of energy problems connected with deliveries of hydrocarbons from Russia, the Transcaucasus and Central Asia.

The presidents of Poland Lech Kaczynski, Azerbaijan's Ilham Aliyev, Georgia's Mikheil Saakaashvili, Lithuania's Valdas Adamkus, and Ukraine's Viktor Yushchenko, as well as Kazakh Deputy Energy Minister Lyazzat Kiinov, signed a resolution highlighting the importance of energy security and endorsing the extension of the Ukrainian-Polish Odessa-Brody oil pipeline to the Polish port of Gdansk and refining center of Plock.


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