Hiring a car in Krakow

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There is a wide choice of local and international car rental companies in Krakow. You can easily arrange to have a hired car waiting for you when you arrive through your travel agent or local office and this is generally recommended during the high season.

General Rules of Car Rental in Poland

Driver's licenses issued by other EU member states are recognized by Poland and remain valid until the expiry date indicated in the document. A EU citizen permanently residing in Poland will not be obliged to replace his driver's license for a Polish driver's license - though he/she will have the option of doing so. Should the document become lost or its validity expire - it will not be necessary to pass a driving test again. While driving a vehicle on the territory of the RP, the driver is obliged to have with him a driver's license and civil liability insurance.

The speed limit is 50km/h in cities, 90km/h outside urban areas, 110km/h on dual carriageways and 130km/h on motorways. From October 1 to April 1 all vehicles should have their lights switched on at all times.

Car rentals are available at the Balice airport or through various car rental offices in town centre. The minimum age is 21. Charges are usually based on a daily rate plus a kilometre charge.

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