Cinemas in Krakow

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Almost all films shown in Krakow's cinemas are in the original language, with Polish subtitles. Prices are very reasonable, and are around 15-20 PLN at weekends but with significant reductions at other times.

Film buffs should time their visit to Krakow to coincide with some of the annual festivals, such as the Polish and International Festival of Commercials and Advertisements in March (Poland was the proud winner at Cannes International Advertising Festival in June 2000), the International Short Film Festival and Polish Short Film Festival in May, or the Etiud International Film Festival in November.


address: ul. Sw. Jana 6
tel. (012) 421 41 99

ARS is one of the oldest Krakow’s cinemas, founded in 1916. The cinema features 5 screens with Dolby Digital Surround EX. It offers a diverse repertoire ranging from commercial films to the highly ambitious ones.

cinemacity krakowCINEMA CITY
Pokoju 44 Av., Zakopianska 62 St.
Individual reservation tel. (012) 295 95 95
Group reservation tel. (012) 295 95 96
Fax:(012) 295 95 01

Cinema City International is the largest operator of multiplex cinemas in Central and Eastern Europe. It runs a chain of Cinema City and IMAX theatres in Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Bulgaria.

Pokoju 44 Av.
tel. (012) 290 90 90

The cinema’s repertoire includes mostly commercial films and a wide range of 3D films.

Kijow Cinema KrakowKIJOW
Krasinskiego 34 Av.
tel. (012) 433 00 33
tel. (012) 422 30 93

The cinema comprises two projection rooms: the bigger one presents mostly commercial, mainstream movies for the general public, while the smaller – good, artistic movies and various Fringe Film Festivals.

Dobrego Pasterza 128 St.
tel. (012) 617 63 99

The cinema comprises 12 projection rooms, offering commercial repertoire. It also features Sport Pub, transmitting a wide range of sports events. The cinema organizes various Movie Marathon Nights.

paradox krakowPARADOX
Krowoderska 8 St.
tel. (012) 430 00 25 w. 44

PARADOX is a small cinema, projecting a wide variety of films: both mainstream and fringe.

pasaz krakowPASAZ
Main Square 9
tel. (012) 422 77 13

This small and cosy cinema is conveniently located at the Main Square, in one of the alleyways. It projects a diverse repertoire, covering mostly the European cinema. Visitors can see many independent films, reruns as well as the latest cinema blockbusters.

Main Square 27
tel. (012) 423 07 68

The cinema is housed in a historical building, at the very heart of The Old Town. It comprises three small projection rooms. Its vast and attractive repertoire covers mostly highly ambitious films and film festivals of world cinema. It also presents a cycle of screenings for foreign viewers: polish films in English, as well as many films for the young audience.

Oleandry 1 St.
tel. (012) 633 35 38

ROTUNDA cinema hosts various film festivals and projects the variety of film forms off the mainstream. It also hosts many cultural events related to the cinema, art and culture.

Górali 5 St.
tel. (012) 644 27 65

The cinema is located in Nowa Huta district. Apart from film screenings, the cinema features a Film Club, which organizes various film retrospectives and film related events.

Zamoyskiego 50 St.
tel. (012) 656 10 50

The small, traditional cinema, screening mostly good, artistic films. It also holds film retrospectives, festivals and seminars.



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