Largest Universities in Krakow

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Krakow is a major centre of education and home to some of Poland's finest colleges and universities, attracting large amounts of students from all over Poland and abroad. Among the most notable third level institutions in Kraków are:

Jagiellonian University in KrakowJagiellonian University in Krakow

Founded in 1364, Jagiellonian University is the oldest university in Poland, and the second oldest in Central Europe after the University of Prague. In the 15th century, the Jagiellonian was one of most international universities in Europe with approximately 44% of the students coming from abroad. Today, the university is once again attracting a growing number of international students. Among its most prominent graduates were Nicolaus Copernicus (1491-95) and Pope John Paul II (1938-39, 1942-46).

Stanis≥aw Staszic University of Science and TechnologyAGH University of Science and Technology

AGH is the second largest technical university in Poland, established in 1919. It educates students at 15 Faculties and the Interfaculty School of Energy, at 20 fields of study and over 100 specialisations. The ambition of the University is to enable its students to gain knowledge at the highest level, acknowledged all over the world.

Tadeusz Kosciuszko Technical University in KrakowThe Cracow University of Technology (CUT)

The university was established in 1945 (at first as a part of the present AGH), to become an independent entity in 1954. On the national scale the university is ranked between the fifth and seventh position among over twenty universities of technology in the country. Some of the faculties are ranked on higher positions and the faculties of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Mechanical Engineering are among the best in Poland. Several interfaculty units operate at CUT including the Urban Educational Centre that prepares foreign students intending to study at Polish universities with special emphasis on architectural studies.

Academy of EconomyCracow University of Economics (CUE)

The Cracow University of Economics was established in 1925 and it was the third school of higher economic education in Poland after metropolitan Warsaw and Lviv. CUE is a state-owned university, educating students at four Faculties: Faculty of Economics and International Relations, Faculty of Finance, Faculty of Management and Faculty of Commodity Science. CUE owns modern sports facilities and houses a health service centre.

Hugon Kollataj Academy of AgricultureAgricultural University in Krakow

The University educates students at 7 faculties and Interfaculty Study of Biotechnology in 12 major fields and 24 specialisations. It offers full time and part-time Master and Bachelor programmes as well as supplementary Master studies. The University academic staff has been developing programmes in English to create a wide educational offer for foreign students.

National Louis University in Nowy SaczSchool of Business – National Louis University (WSB-NLU) in Nowy Sacz

Established in 1991, WSB-NLU enjoys excellent reputation, confirmed by its graduates, whose knowledge and qualifications have been recognized by top employers. The offers courses at four faculties: management, computer science, psychology and MBA. WSB-NLU cooperates with numerous universities all over the world. The cooperation mainly includes exchange of students and lecturers, organization of mutual scientific projects, participation in seminars and academic meetings, exchange of scientific publications and academic projects.

Fine Arts Academy in KrakowJan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow

The Academy of Fine Arts (Polish: ASP) is the oldest artistic university in Poland.  Founded in 1818, it was a subdivision of the Jagiellonian University and received the status of an independent institution in 1873. In the period of Modernism, the Faculty of Painting had the most distinguished Polish painters as teachers. Among them were: Leon Wyczolkowski, Teodor Axentowicz, Stanislaw Wyspianski, Jacek Malczewski, Jan Stanislawski and Jozef Mehoffer, and after 1905 Jozef Pankiewicz, Ferdynand Ruszczyc and Wojciech Weiss. At that time the Academy was at the time the main centre of Polish artistic life. The Academy boasts many prominent graduates, who over the decades shaped Polish art and culture.

Modrzewski University in KrakowThe Andrzej Frycz Modrzewski Krakow University College

The University provides education at the following faculties: law, economy, administration, international relations, political science, management, architecture, computer science, sociology, environment protection, cultural studies, English studies. It co-operates with foreign higher education institutions, organises international conferences and participates in the European programs like CEEPUS, Erasmus, Leonardo da Vinci etc. It also conducts  cross-cultural and combined research with the contribution of professors from various countries. THe university also offers semester-long lectures in foreign languages.

Tischner European University (TEU)

TEU is a young, private and dynamic institution of higher education, founded in 2003. It offers BA programmes in Sociology, International Relations, Philology - Applied Linguistics and Information Technology. There is also the MA programme in International Relations in Polish, and a full time BA programme in International Relations taught in English. Apart from undergraduate programmes, the TEU Centre for Strategic Development offers a wide range of postgraduate non-degree professional studies. Most classes are taught by prominent Polish academics, who have also taught at many European and American universities. The university’s international contacts and exchange programmes provide students with considerable opportunities for studying abroad. Every year an increasing number of international students come to TEU to complete part of their studies.

The School of Banking and Management in Krakow

Founded in 1995, the school offers courses in Management, Finance & Accounting, Computer Science and Sociology. It offers also post-graduate programmes , courses and training in accordance with the CISCO Academy and Microsoft AATP curricula. The school holds the Quality Certificate of the Krakow Chamber of Commerce and Industry and has been entered to their Book of Awards for Entrepreneurial Activities. For many years, in the school rankings of major Polish magazines the school has been ranked top places.

The Krakow School of Business and Commerce

The School is a private academic institution, established in 1994. Graduates of the Cracow School of Business and Commerce acquire legal, economic and practical skills necessary for the management of modern commercial, service and financial establishments. They are equipped with the kind of knowledge which gives them the opportunity to commence work in public administration and European Union institutions as well as tax institutions and in financial audit.The profile of tuition at the Cracow School of Business and Commerce is based on contemporary standards of management studies in leading universities of international importance.

Polish Open University

The Polish Open University was founded in 1991 as one of the first private third level institutions in Poland. It has pioneered a new learning methodology to successfully address the challenges that students will face in an ever-more competitive and fast changing world. The university offers Bachelor, Master as well as Postgraduate studies in the fields of: Management, Finance, HP, E-Business and Marketing. The following programmes are delivered also in English: Business Administration (Management), Financial Management (Management) and Marketing and Advertising (Management).
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