Krakow: fancy being buried beside someone famous?

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It is also reputed to be the most visited one since every year it attracts thousands of people who wish to visit the graves of those who have enhanced Polish life for more than two centuries. Over the years special areas have been made for the soldiers of both World Wars, American and British pilots and victims of German Nazi occupation.Krakow’s oldest cemetery offers plots next to Poland’s most distinguished historical figures. Rakowicki cemetery is one of the oldest and most famous cemeteries in Poland. Its oldest graves can be dated back to the early 18th century. 

But the graves that attract most visitors are those of famous writers, painters, and artists: including Jan Matejko – most distinguished 19th century painter, a renowned Polish actress Helena Modrzejewska, as well as parents and a brother of the late pontiff John Paul II.

It is precisely next to graves of those eminent figures that one has a chance to acquire a burying ground. Ten unique plots – each of them able to hold five coffins – have just been put on sale with the lowest bid of 10 thousand dollars.


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