The Krakow Industrial Heritage Route

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The Industrial Heritage Route in Krakow is an urban tourist trail – the first of this kind in Poland. The trail features 16 the most valuable objects situated in the very centre of the city and its close vicinity, connected with industry, transportation, power and gas production, protection against the flood and fire.

All of them are marked by their exceptional historical and architectonical significance. A great number of them were erected in 19th and 20th century by the leading Polish specialists but some were designed, erected and technically equipped by foreign engineers from other European countries, thus making them part of greater European cultural heritage. Some of them are still in use, others were adapted to function in a different capacity, including a public one. The old tram depot which was transformed into The Museum of Municipal Engineering – is major attraction of the route and runs a tourist information office specializing in providing detailed information about the route.

1. The railway station (Lubicz Street)
2. The Gotz family brewery (Strzelecka Street/Lubicz Street)
3. The railway flyover (viaduct) (over Lubicz Street)
4. The municipal theatre power station (Sw. Ducha Square)
5. The Zieleniewski forge (Sw. Krzyza Square)
6. The fire watchtower (Westerplatte Street)
7. The railway flyover (viaduct) (Grzegorzecka Street/Dietla Street)
8. The railway culvert (Miodowa Street)
9. The Cracow power station (Dajwor Street)
10. The tramway depot (Gazowa Street/Sw. Wawrzynca Street)
11. The Cracow gasworks (Podgorska Street)
12. The bridgeheads of the Podgorski Bridge
13. The Pilsudski Bridge
14. The Vistula River embankments
15. The Podgorze power station (Nadwislanska Street)
16. The Schindler Factory (Lipowa Street)

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